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Glutathione Benefits and Uses

Improves Athletic Performance and recovery
“Many world-class athletes are discovering that well-maintained glutathione levels give them the edge over their competitors, bringing greater strength and endurance, decreased recovery time from injury, less muscle pain and fatigue, and muscle-promoting activity." Glutathione: Essential Health AID - Antioxidant. Immune Booster. Detoxifier, Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD, FACEP
Raised glutathione levels help increase strength and endurance.
Those interested in physical fitness can benefit from a definite athletic edge.
Journal of Applied Physiology 87: 1381-1385, 1999

Strenthens your immune system
Lymphocytes, cells vital for your immune system, depend on glutathione for their proper function and replication.
IMMUNOLOGY 61: 503-508 1987
" A review article published in the Annals of Pharmacology stated that glutathione is important in DNA synthesis and repair, protein and prostaglandin synthesis, amino acid transport, detoxification of toxins and carcinogens, enhancement of the immune system, and protection from oxidation and enzyme activations.
" The Immune System Cure, Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe & Patrick J.D. Bouic, Ph.D.

- Prevents heart disease - Shimizu H, Kiyohara Y, Kitazono T, Kubo M,

Ibayashi S, Fufishima M, Lida M.

Relationship Between Plasma Glutathione Levels and Cardiovascular Disease in a Defined Population: The Hisyama Study. Stroke. 2004 Sep;    35(9):2072-7.
" We literally cannot survive without this miraculous antioxidant," according to Dr. Earl Mindell, What You Should Know about the Super Antioxidant Miracle
Detoxifies your body
Antioxidants are well documented and known to possess vital roles in health maintenance and disease prevention. Glutathione is your cell's own major antioxidant. Maintaining elevated glutathione levels aids the body's natural antioxidant function.
Biochemical Pharmacology 47: 2113-2123 1994

Fights Inflammation and the diseases of AGING
It is well known that aging is accompanied by a precipitous fall in
glutathione levels. Lower glutathione levels are implicated in many
diseases associated with aging including cataracts, Alzheimer's,
Parkinson's atherosclerosis and others.

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 47:1021-26, 1994.

Heart Dis-Ease, Stroke and Cholesterol

Raised glutathione levels fight the oxidation of fats circulating in the bloodstream
including cholesterol, retarding the process of plaque formation in the arteries
leading to most heart attacks and strokes.

Nutrition Reviews 54: 1-30, 1996
One of the best antioxidants is an amino acid called glutathione. I'm not alone in considering it one of the most powerful cancer-curbing, age-slowing nutrients ever discovered.

CFS-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the use of Glutathione


Audio recording:  Dr. Tracy Gibbs, Pharmocognocist, Natural Medicine

AIDS. Glutathione's apparent ability to resuscitate a frail immune system and, at least in the test tube, suppress the HIV virus has attracted the attention of researchers at Harvard, Stanford, and across Europe. Read more...

Glutathione Helps Aids Survival NEW YORK, March 03 (Reuters) -- Maintaining healthy levels of a peptide called glutathione may play a "pivotal" role in slowing the progression of AIDS, researchers say.  more...

Glutathione has been found to be a great help in Cancer chemoprotection and treatment. Read more…

British Journal of Cancer on glutathione as chemoprotective agent

Pubmed article on Chemoprotection against cancer by phase 2 enzyme induction

Clinical Trials study on glutathione and treating women with breast cancer

More research on Glutathione and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Glutathione is an important and powerful antioxidant and is the body’s best
anti-aging agent.

  Among the uses that have been reported for glutathione are:
  • treatment of poisoning, particularly heavy metal poisons
  • treatment of idiopathic pulmonary firbosis
  • increasing the effectiveness and reducing the toxicity of cis-platinum, a chemo drug used to treat breast cancer
  • treating Parkinson's disease
  • lowering blood pressure in patients with diabetes
  • increasing male sperm counts in humans and animals
  • treatment of liver cancer
  • treatment of sickle cell anemia

Glutathione has recently become a cornerstone to improving health naturally.

You may already be aware that increasing the amount of glutathione your body produces each day is very beneficial to many of the natural systems that make and keep you HEALTHY.

Glutathione Helps Aids Survival

Patients with HIV Infection

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